Workers' Compensation


Getting hurt on the job can result in lost wages, medical bills and other expenses.  While almost any occupation can present the potential for a worker to suffer a serious personal injury, some industries are more dangerous than others.

Some of the most dangerous occupations include:

  • Contractors
  • Maritime Workers (Dock & Offshore)
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Farmers
  • Commercial Fishermen

In an effort to provide adequate coverage for injured workers, there are a number of different medical and disability benefits that are usually paid in a bi-weekly format and generally equal two thirds of the average workers weekly wage.  Many injured workers are also able to include back pay in a compensation claim for any payments that they may not have received.

The most common types of disability benefits payments are:

  • Permanent Impairment Benefits
  • Impairment Income Benefits
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Permanent Total Benefits
  • Death Benefits

If you were injured while at work, use our experience and expertise to evaluate and explain your potential case. 

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